The UK Covid‑19 Inquiry would like you to share your experiences. Your answers will help us understand the effect of Covid-19 across the UK and any lessons to be learned. You do not need to have had the Covid‑19 virus to take part.

You must be aged 18 or over to use this service. Your answers will be sent anonymously to the Inquiry.

You may want to prepare something before you begin, for example, by making some notes about your experience.

The sharing process is in 3 parts

  1. You'll be asked to choose from a list of topics relating to your experience.
  2. You'll be shown 3 text boxes to tell us about your experience:
    • What happened, or what is happening?
    • How has this affected you, and the people around you?
    • Tell us what you think could be learned
  3. You'll be asked for some information about you.

Help is available if you need it

Sharing your experience may trigger some difficult feelings and emotions. If you need help please see a list of support services (opens in new tab).

If you share information about people at risk

We may need to tell the police and other relevant authorities if you share certain types of information. Examples are:

  • a vulnerable adult being exploited or abused
  • harm or abuse to a child
  • abuse carried out by someone in a position of power
  • modern slavery or human trafficking
  • risk of harm to life

Ask for a different format

If you need this form in another format, please tell us what you need.

Please do not use this email address to share your experience with the Inquiry.


Or you can write to us at:
UK Covid‑19 Public Inquiry


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